Friday, 10 July 2015

Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh: Finding the Best

There can be so many yoga teacher training retreats in Rishikesh, but there could only be one that stands out from the rest. To determine which one suits your preference, you better look at their agenda and training course.

Being a yoga teacher requires responsibility, commitment, and devotion to teach and inspire new students while practicing the principle yourself simultaneously. It’s an arduous task from the inside and the outside but your devotion to teach what will make people happy is what makes our work easier and fulfilling. With so many yoga centers offering yoga teacher training courses, how do you land on the best yoga school for teachers? These set of fields of yoga studies should be tackled:

1.    Yoga philosophy. What is yoga, or better yet, what is the essence of teaching yoga if you don’t even know and understand the philosophy. Especially the fact that you are going to teach, what will you say when your student ask you about this subject. Worse, what if he asks you about any deep questions that only practice and realization can answer?

2.    Different types of yoga. There are different types of yoga, and each has its purpose. Some yoga classes are only meant for exercising, and others is a combined power of the body, mind, and spirit exercise.
3.    Yoga anatomy. Again, an in-depth and scientific explanation on how yoga works is needed in order to teach the subject effectively. Otherwise, you would be misleading your students, which is very dangerous and unacceptable.

4.    Mantra chanting and meditation. You need to learn how to quiet down your mind and fill the void within you by chanting mantras and meditation. Without learning these techniques, your entire time of teaching yoga could be just a waste of time.