Tuesday, 11 July 2017

The Course Curriculum Followed In Yoga Teacher Training, Varkala

After accomplishing the 200-hour foundational yoga teacher training in Varkala, Kerala, you are now more than prepared to develop a deeper understanding of the yogic way of life and philosophy. You have the proper background on the subject and the enthusiasm to learn even more. The next step is to take the 300-hour Advanced Yoga and Ayurveda Course. If you have not accomplished the required 200-hour yoga training and the basic introduction to yoga, then one of the finest yoga training centres in the country provides all of these courses for an affordable price. You can easily enrol yourself on any of these programs by registering through their hassle-free online application.

Once you have the pre-requisite training and certification, you can move on to the 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program. This course targets a deeper function in your body, mind, and soul. It focuses on Ayurveda—the ancient holistic Indian approach to maintain optimal wellness and health at all the stages of life. Even if you are an existing yogic teacher or an enthusiast you want a deeper understanding on the yogic practices and Ayurveda, the 300-hour yoga teaching program is the best place for your journey.

The 300-hour program runs for as long as 6-weeks and includes: accommodation, all required text books, vegetarian meals, 2 ayurvedic massages, 2 shirodhara treatments, a complete ayuverdic colonic purification treatment, advanced yogic and western anatomy, and comprehensive yogic philosophy. It also teaches you methodologies on how to become an inspirational teacher, the art of adjustments and sequencing, multi-style asana, the ayurveda and pancha kosha theory, plus common diseases and ailments and the corresponding yogic applications to improve health and wellness. Finally, you will undergo a practicum to polish your teaching skills and allow your inner teacher to blossom even more.