Friday, 9 December 2016

Yoga Teacher Training in Varkala: A Dream for Every Yoga Practitioner

Yoga has created a global sensation. Learning yoga is becoming increasingly popular due to its amazing effect on overall well-being. The yoga teacher training at Varkala is the ultimate place to learn this beautiful art form. The settings of this scenic place, removed from the hustle and bustle of the city help in promoting retreats. Considered as a very important place in Ayurveda, the combination of yoga with Ayurveda is all the more beneficial.

Whether the participants wish to learn yoga to take it up as a profession or just to use it to practice yoga in daily life, the yoga teacher training in Varkala is all that's needed.
Here's why.

·         The Yoga teacher training at Varkala focuses on providing a wholesome learning experience to the learner. They specialize in the field of yoga with years of experience and have hence formulated courses based on each individual’s needs.

·         In-house physiotherapists, anatomy teachers help the learner understand the science behind this amazing art. They also remove the limitations such as risk of injury as they have professionals at help always. They also provide personalized teaching to ensure that every student learns with the proper attention they require and also to ensure high quality. All the niceties of learning to manage injuries, adjusting the yoga to specific people is taught in detail so that the learner feels fully equipped in the field.

·         They provide learning right from the basics- meditation, pranayama and basic yoga till the advanced styles. They teach the art of incorporation of yoga into the daily life as a lifestyle change right from yogic diet. The teacher training believes in the learner to have strong foundation and so basic anatomy, yogic anatomy, asanas are dealt with in-depth. This is mandatory for any practitioner to have a successful career in yoga or even just for their own purpose.

The 200 hour course curriculum is unique in its own way and provides balanced learning experience. The retreat at Varkala believes in creating an encouraging environment for the learners to boost holistic learning. They gently nudge the learners to learn, practice and heal themselves through yoga.

For someone aspiring to take yoga as a career, this retreat is more than one could ask for. Learning yoga cannot get any better than at the retreat at Varkala. It is an experience that will stand the test of time.

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